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The furniture industry is experiencing a dramatic comeback since the economic crisis. Rising new home sales and a falling unemployment rate have contributed to the greater potential for growth. Best of all, forecasts are pointing toward a continued increase in new furniture sales.

More Competition on the Horizon

Many furniture retailers need to compete in new markets, where innovative and environmentally friendly furniture are in high demand. But, recent studies show that having the right products doesn’t cut it anymore. Today’s consumer is looking for the best experience possible. One of the best ways to meet their expectations is through a complete retail management solution that provides point of sale, inventory management, accounting, and customer resource management.

Selecting the Best Furniture Store Retail Solution

There are many features and benefits attached to retail management software. But, it’s the reasons to improve your customers’ experience that should convince you to make the switch from a manual or antiquated system. Here are six reasons you should make that switch.

1. Speeding up the checkout process.

A majority of Americans, 88%, want their checkout experience to be faster. Over half see long wait times at the checkout as a major grievance. Antiquated and manual systems take much longer and require multiple steps just to make sure items are in stock, causing more frustration and disappointment. Don’t let these negative feelings be the last ones customers have just before they leave the store. Make sure your system increases check speeds.

2. Integration

A lack of integration between systems leads to more errors in the manual transfer of data. It also takes more time for your employees to execute transactions or search for information. Having a seamless retail, all-in-one, solution will increase productivity and eliminate costly mistakes.

3. Remembering your customers for you.

Another great way to improve the customer experience is to keep track of past purchases. This includes quick access to warranties and returns. Knowing what your customers want and when they want it will create more possibilities for upselling and promote loyalty.

4. Inventory control.

Never get caught with your best-selling items going out-of-stock. Controlling inventory is critical to a furniture store’s success. Your retail management system should give you real-time inventory data and provide the best reporting for peak performance. These simple improvements to managing your inventory through automation can save you time and money.

5. Ease of use.

Retail has one of the highest employee turnover rates of any industry. This can be especially difficult for furniture stores because of complicated transactions, such as deposits and layaway. Employees need to have easy-to-use screens to navigate, while providing the best customer service possible. Empower your employees for success through implementing a system that’s truly easy to learn.

6. Customization

The problem with out-of-the-box software is that it may lack the robust features you need to expand your product offerings or your store locations. Software customization allows your business to grow and develop features geared toward your specific niche. Customized reporting on inventory and sales can also help you make much need improvements in your store.

A Major Impact on Business

It’s not easy to integrate or implement a new retail management software. But, the reasons are pretty clear. Sit down with your managers and employees to determine your needs and create a long-term outlook for the company. Another important factor often forgotten is to look for a company that will work with you to find solutions to any problems that might impede growth. The retail management software that you choose will have a major impact on your business. That’s why it’s important to do keep these reasons in mind before committing to one.

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