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Humble beginnings.

In 1968, we opened our own retail enterprise, Stereo Town, in a 900 square-foot location in Des Moines, Iowa. By 1972 our little operation had grown to include five additional locations and a central warehouse/distribution center.

Fast growth. Too little information.

In very little time, our expansion resulted in two regional distributorships, 12 corporate stores, and 49 franchise locations. We found ourselves nearly out of control! We couldn’t gather information fast enough to make calculated and informed business decisions.

A failed search.

Realizing our future greatly depended on timely, accurate information about the daily operations of our business, we turned to technology. But after an exhausting search for retail software came up empty, we knew it was time to change course.

Finally, a technology solution for retailers.

Being pioneers by nature, we decided that it was up to us to create a product that beautifully integrated the latest technology with the needs of a retail business. In 1979, after years of successfully using the system to run our business, we made the innovative Tyler Retail Solution available to the public.

The Tyler difference.

TylerNet was created by retailers for retailers. For over 35 years, we’ve been building innovative, intelligent solutions for real-world companies. In 1998, we introduced one of the first cloud-based retail solutions in the industry and haven’t looked back since. Over the years, the product has evolved to address each daily process retailers encounters in their business. And we’re not done yet.


TylerNet Headquarters

4625 East Bay Drive, Suite 201
Clearwater, FL 33764, USA

“We went online with Tyler in 1997, and we’ve never looked back. The amount of information necessary to steer a now four-store operation to compete with online and big box retailers crafted the need for an exponentially greater degree of sophistication and marketing tool set.”

Ted Eschliman, Director of Marketing, Dietze Music House, Lincoln, NE

A better way to run your business.

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