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Track item serial numbers after the sale or before and after the sale (full lifecycle). Lifecycle tracking provides an extra level of control and validation for your products.


Set up A/R accounts for your large customers, giving them flexibility that adds to their satisfaction. Easily monitor who owes you money, how much, and when it’s due.


Bundle several products and sell for a collective price. Packages can be set up beforehand and quickly added to an invoice. Or, you can set them up on the fly during the sale.

Optimize your inventory.

Due to the low volume, high value nature of the retail music business, accurate inventory tracking throughout a product’s lifecycle is a must. With TylerNet, know what’s selling and what’s not, in real-time. Find the optimal inventory balance to save you money and keep customers happy.

Provide a five star experience.

TylerNet provides you with the tools necessary to provide a top-notch experience to everyone who comes into your store. Track all previous purchases made by a customer, including warranties, and access them in seconds on a single screen. Easily process a return or add the item to a work order. With the Customer Call Log, manage all correspondence with a customer regarding a specific purchase.

These are just some of the companies that depend on TylerNet each day:

Designed to meet the specific needs of your business.


Accept customer deposits or give your customers the option to put items on layway. TylerNet handles the related financials.


TylerNet helps you upsell customers on each major sale. Increase revenue, salesperson spiffs, and shopper satisfaction.


Group items into brands, departments, and product categories and analyze the performance of each.


Keep your customers happy by ordering items that you usually don’t stock or that are difficult to find elsewhere.


Create work orders for in-store repairs or service/installations at the customer’s residence or business. Effectively manage parts and labor.

“We went online with Tyler in 1997, and we’ve never looked back. The amount of information necessary to steer a now four-store operation to compete with online and big box retailers crafted the need for an exponentially greater degree of sophistication and marketing tool set.”

Ted Eschliman, Director of Marketing, Dietze Music House, Lincoln, NE

A better way to run your business.

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