Tips to Make Your Marketing Recession Proof

Lately, the news has reported on signs of a coming recession. If this is true, then you are probably preparing for less cash flow and pulling back on spending for new marketing projects. Unfortunately [...]

Traditional vs Digital Marketing: Which is Better?

Over the past 25 years, the use of traditional marketing has suffered a steep decline while the digital world has expanded into every facet of our daily lives. But does that make digital marketing better [...]

3 Tips to Make Furniture Shoppers Happy

It’s a well-known fact that happy shoppers will spend more money per visit at your store. They will also become repeat shoppers and often recommend your store to friends and family [...]

How to Attract Millennial Furniture Shoppers

For traditional furniture stores, millennials are hard to attract, primarily because they are “digital natives.” They do everything online. And, when it comes to furniture shopping, the internet is [...]

Inventory Management Trends for 2019

For 2019, there are several new trends for retailers to stop and take notice. Past trends simplified inventory management activities or focused on using new technology, such as scanners, [...]

6 Reasons to Choose a Customizable POS System

For retailers to remain competitive in today’s marketplace, they need to be more efficient than ever. This takes solving the problems that cause the most errors and affect productivity. [...]

Understanding Consumer Behavior

The internet has provided a wealth of data for understanding consumer behavior. There’s more known today about how shoppers make their buying decisions than there has ever been. Even [...]

Is Print Marketing Dead?

In the late ‘90s, traditional marketing was changed almost overnight by the internet. Not only were there new avenues to reach customers, but the internet forced advertisers to change [...]

Getting the Most from Digital Marketing

Even if retailers don’t have an online store, they need to be savvy when it comes to their digital marketing efforts. Unlike traditional forms of marketing, digital marketing uses [...]

The Authentic Shopping Experience

For retailers, authenticity is what brings customers into their store instead of getting it online. Authenticity is a differentiator because it’s about the customer’s experience. You probably go to [...]

The 4 E’s of Marketing Success

For decades, business colleges and universities across the country drilled the 4 P’s of marketing into their students: product, place, price, and promotion. These were the basis of a [...]

Focus on Your Core Business Strengths

Straying from core strengths can lower a retailer’s value and chase away their customers. It’s a mistake that often comes from a lack of knowledge about their own core [...]

It’s Time for a Loss Prevention Plan

Every retailer has to deal with product loss. In 2016, retail businesses experienced an average hit to their bottom line of 2% due to inventory shrink, a common accounting [...]

Things Customers Want You to Know

Retailers often struggle with understanding their customers’ needs. There’s no crystal ball, and it’s difficult to formulate the right questions to ask them. But listening to what customers want [...]

5 In-Store Technologies That Attract Customers

Today’s consumers shop online first, primarily doing their research before going to the store. Over 50% of them use a mobile device to search for selection, availability, and recommendations. [...]

Here’s How To Improve Your Cash Flow

We know that one of the most serious issues retailers struggle with is cash flow. Why is cash flow so difficult? Because, everything affects it: Flat Sales Lower Margins [...]

6 Tips to Get People Through the Door

These days, it’s hard enough to capture people’s attention, and even harder if the weather is against you. Retailers often struggle with how to increase store traffic, especially when [...]

GMROI: What It Is and Why It’s Important

One key performance indicator for a successful retail business is Gross Margin Return on Investment (GMROI). It provides valuable insight into merchandise choices and profitability. It also indicates how [...]

7 Tips for Managing Inventory Turnover

The success of every retail business hinges upon inventory management. Building greater efficiency with inventory has a direct effect on sales and cash flow—two crucial areas for any business. [...]

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