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Making website design, video production, and social media management a priority can help you increase profits and the overall success of your business. But having the expertise and time to complete those projects can be a challenge, especially when you’re a busy small business owner with so many other tasks on your plate. That’s why you need to know how to find the right help and small business web based tools to make managing those tasks effortless. Here are a few examples:

Using a Freelance Developer for Website Improvements

Thinking of updating your website? Consider hiring a CSS developer to make those changes. On average, freelance developers charge $25 to $150 per hour, but you will get a lot in return for your investment. A freelance CSS developer can modify or create your small business website using CSS, or cascading style sheets, which will allow you to easily make future changes to colors, fonts, and other style elements. They can also customize layouts, navigation badges, and text composition to give your new business website a sleek and user-friendly feel.

While interviewing a freelance developer, make sure to ask questions that will help you determine their understanding of web fundamentals, front-end CSS frameworks, CSS processors, and of course, graphic and web design. Web design is essential for the reputation of your small business, since 75% of online visitors judge businesses by the look and feel of the website.  Although hiring a professional web developer may seem like a big investment, it’s a crucial one to ensure that your website represents your business and your brand properly.

Finding Online Tools & Services for Engaging Video Content

Does your small business website include video content? If not, it should! Video marketing not only has the power to pull in more web traffic and connect with  potential customers, it also has the ability to increase your overall profits. To make video marketing work for your small business, you need to keep content engaging, informative, and simple enough for most viewers to understand. You also have to craft videos that tell a story.

That may seem like a lot—especially if you have no experience creating marketing videos—which is why this is exactly the type of web-based project where looking for the right help or tools is key. For example, to make your videos more accessible for those with hearing impairments, you can use an online subtitle service to easily add content that follows compliance with FCC and ADA regulations. Make sure the service you use will guarantee those captions and will be able to produce subtitles quickly, so that you can post content faster. Adding captions can also make it easier for all customers to view your content, even if they are in a place where sound is not an option.

 Helpful Resources to Fine-Tune Online Marketing Efforts

In addition to fine-tuning your website and content, you should also think about fine-tuning your marketing efforts to attract more visitors to your updated website and content. Social media should be one of the major focuses of any digital marketing strategy, so start by crafting social media posts that use authenticity and relevance to encourage more interaction from your followers.

Not sure how to do any of that? Then you may want to look for help with your social media marketing activities. If you have some room in your budget, you could look into hiring a social media manager to help create more engaging content and drive revenue. You may need this kind of help if you don’t really understand social media or if you don’t have the time needed to manage your business’s social media presence. If you need a more budget-friendly option for your small business web based tools, or just need a little bit of help, you could also research social media tools to streamline your social media marketing projects.

Finding the time to complete your most pressing web-based projects can be tough. However, you don’t have to go it alone. Look to freelancers, online services and web tools to help with those crucial projects, so you can get back to running your small business.

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