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“Tyler has been a valued partner helping Wolf’s grow its business and achieve Top 100 Furniture Retailer status.”

Germaine Crocker, Wolf Furniture, Altoona, PA


“We went online with Tyler in 1997, and we’ve never looked back. The amount of information necessary to steer a now four-store operation to compete with online and big box retailers crafted the need for an exponentially greater degree of sophistication and marketing tool set.”

Ted Eschliman, Director of Marketing, Dietze Music House, Lincoln, NE

“Acquiring the Tyler System was a good decision in 1986. We believe it’s an even better decision today.”

Steve Magnotti, The Fireplace and Patioplace, Pittsburgh, PA


“Tyler enables us to access the information on a daily basis that is required for our team to make changes to match the fast-paced consumer electronics industry. I do not know how a retail chain could be run without having this information at their fingertips.”

Chris Forbes, Director of Business and Marketing, Madman McKays, British Columbia


“Gaining control of our inventory, marketing and finances with the help of Tyler has put the business on solid ground.”

Tom Jessup, Owner, Chainwheel Drive, Clearwater, FL

“From the moment I create a purchase order to the final delivery to my customer, I know where my most important assets are. On top of that, I get the information I need to make wise buying decisions.”

Marc Tremblay, President, Ivonick Desbiens Musique, Quebec


“We now know better than ever before what products and lines are truly productive. For the first time, we really have a handle on margins, turns and GMROI. Tyler has been a great partner for Jersey Jim Towers.”

Manny Tamargo, Manager, Jersey Jim Towers TV & Appliance, Clearwater, FL

“We have truly enjoyed our 25 year relationship with Tyler. Since day one we’ve felt that the Tyler System has been one of our most valuable business tools. It frees our employees to do what they do best – serve our customers.”

Michael J. Ader, Home Furniture, Plumbing & Heating, Kankakee, IL


“Tyler has been at the forefront of innovative change. All the dedicated associates of Tyler are the reason that Tyler is the solution for retailers.”

Alwyn T. Wyche Jr., Owner, Beechwood Furniture Outlet, Lagrange, GA

“Tyler has helped grow our business over the past several years, from managing our inventory to managing our accounts. Tyler has been an invaluable tool for us.”

Edward G. Stewart, VP, Stewart’s Applicance, Elyria, OH


“Silica Appliance & Electronics has been on the Tyler System since 1996. With the growing demand for inventory accuracy, we recently purchased wireless scanners for our receiving department and our physical inventory needs. We immediately saw the impact with accuracy and speed, which gave us the confidence that we made the right decision going wireless.”

Karen Wilhelms, Silica Applicance, Fond du Lac, WI

“Tyler has been an important part of our business for more than 20 years. The software has helped us grow and prosper by having up-to-date business information at our fingertips.”

Ron Romero, President, Schaefer’s, Lincoln, NE


“At Max’s Service, it’s service that counts! With the help of TylerNet, we feel confident in our ability to serve our customers with speed and accuracy.”

Jeff Owens, Owner, Max’s Service, Inc., Traverse City, MI


“We have utilized Tyler software for more than 20 years and find it to be an invaluable tool for all aspects of our day-to-day operations.”

Jeremy J. Cramer, Orville’s Home Appliance, Amherst, NY


“Installing Tyler has helped make buying decisions based on facts, not feelings. Tyler’s software gives us reliable information immediately, not the next day.”

Jamie Stephens, President, Pacific Sound & Video, Bismarck, ND


“We have been in business for over 30 years, and we have survived this long because of our service to our customers. Tyler’s service and guaranteed satisfaction reminds me of our company, and we look forward to working together with Tyler for the next quarter century.”

Mike Rowlandson, President, Bianco’s Supercenter, Sudbury, Ontario


“We have been using the Tyler System since 1988. The fully integrated software has provided us with timely and accurate information. The audit trails enhance the integrity of the data. Tyler has been very responsive to our unique needs in both programming and support issues.”

Dan Wettstein, President, Wettstein’s, La Crosse, WI

“Tyler has changed the way we do business for the better. There are very few programs that can handle both sales and service well. In the fireplace business we need both.”

Rock Phillips, President, Phillips LifeStyles, Grawn, MI

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