What do I need to consider when choosing business management software other than price?2018-08-06T14:32:18+00:00

As a retailer, you thoroughly understand that you get what you pay for. The same principle holds true when it comes to purchasing a software system for your retail business. While the least expensive system may seem to be a good choice financially, oftentimes, hidden costs such as additional features, technical support, supplemental services, installation, and overall inefficiency can significantly increase your total cost of ownership. A fully integrated system, including all accounting functions, will save time and money for years to come. TylerNet’s personalized on-site training will ensure that you utilize our system to its fullest. While price should not be ignored in your selection process, it should not be the most important factor either.

As my business grows, can TylerNet accommodate this growth?2018-08-06T14:43:34+00:00

TylerNet is a scalable retail package that will readily and inexpensively accommodate additional users, additional workstations, and additional stores. When considering your future growth, keep in mind features you may one day need, such as multi-location inventory or support for multiple tax rates across different regions. History is always a concern; TylerNet can store years and years of data.

I need an Internet sales presence. Can TylerNet help?2018-08-06T14:42:46+00:00

Yes. TylerNet has fully-integrated E-commerce features and can provide you with Sales Analysis for your web store separately from your brick-and-mortar locations. Inventory quantities can be maintained accurately. Invoice information is transmitted from your website to the TylerNet system with no duplicate entry. A website sales presence can increase your overall sales and profits.

Is my company too small to benefit from TylerNet’s technology?2018-08-06T14:42:20+00:00

In today’s environment, most retailers absolutely require business management software. Our clients own companies of all sizes, and they feel that TylerNet is integral to their success and growth. Do the necessary research and make a list of your wants and your needs. Determine an appropriate budget. Ask your TylerNet representative to work with you to demonstrate how TylerNet can pay for itself over time. Consider the cost savings which comes from not needing to purchase or maintain a server and its associated software.

If you discover that TylerNet is not right for your company, please take a look at our Smartwerks product, which is a complete, yet streamlined POS system designed for small to mid-sized businesses.

Will my customers have a better experience at checkout?2018-08-06T14:41:41+00:00

Yes. Your customers will be impressed with the level of detail that you’ll now be able to provide them through TylerNet. They’ll get immediate access to detailed product information, personalized information about their previous purchases and payments, and accounts receivable information. With quick data about customers’ buying histories at your fingertips, you’ll be able to generate copies of old invoices and suggest potential purchases. Plus, by providing your sales personnel with standardized inquiries that offer immediate access to detailed product information, you give your customers consistent and accurate information.

How difficult is it to install TylerNet? What about my current inventory and customer information?2018-08-06T14:40:42+00:00

Like any business system, there is an implementation process to get TylerNet up and running. But don’t worry, our support team will guide you each step of the way. We offer online training, along with classroom and onsite sessions as needed. Our Support Center contains learning resources including video tutorials and documentation. Additionally, we offer electronic data conversion to import your inventory and customer data from your current system.

Can I operate more than one location or more than one company?2018-08-06T14:34:47+00:00

Yes. The infrastructure of TylerNet can support a company with a single location or hundreds of locations. In fact, over the past 30 years, many of our customers have grown into multi-store operations. Some of our customers operate more than one corporate entity by using the TylerNet Multi-Corp program.

Do I need a separate Accounting or Payroll software package with TylerNet?2018-08-06T14:34:15+00:00

No. TylerNet is a complete software package that includes fully functional Accounting and Payroll apps. You don’t have to figure out how to move your information to a third party accounting package. TylerNet enables you to generate financial reports that are on time and represent an accurate accounting of your business activity.

Do I need a separate repair software program for my customer service department?2018-08-06T14:33:38+00:00

No. The TylerNet Service app is integrated into the TylerNet core software system. You can quickly look up customer transaction and work order history and warranty information in the Service applicaton. All financial information is integrated into the TylerNet Accounting app. There’s no need for a standalone work order program.

How do I register extended warranties and service plans?2018-08-06T14:33:08+00:00

The TylerNet Service app, in conjunction with a number of warranty interface programs, enables you to file your service warranty claims electronically. This procedure saves time and improves the accuracy of the claim filing process.

How difficult is it to file warranty claims?2018-08-06T14:32:38+00:00

The TylerNet Service Automation module in conjunction with a number of warranty interface programs enables you to file your service warranty claims electronically. This procedure saves time and improves the accuracy of the claim filing process.

How do I manage the scheduling and routing of my customer deliveries?2018-08-06T14:30:55+00:00

One of the features of TylerNet’s Point of Sale app is a delivery schedule screen that can be used by the salesperson or warehouse person to set up a route, date, and time slot for each customer’s order. Also, TylerNet has developed an interface to routing software companies such as Dispatch Track, which manage the actual loading and routing of each delivery vehicle according to parameters designed for the most efficient use of company resources.

Can TylerNet process sales from my website?2018-08-06T14:30:12+00:00

Yes. TylerNet’s E-Commerce software enables you to not only import sales orders from your website’s shopping cart, but can also provide inventory availability to the website. This import/export features assures a higher level of satisfaction for your online customers.

How can I track inventory in my large warehouse?2018-08-06T14:26:11+00:00

Many companies with large warehouses (50,000 to 500,000 sq. ft.) use some form of locator or mapping system to organize their facilities. TylerNet software enables you to identify each aisle, level, and bin with a barcode that can be scanned at the same time the products are scanned and put into the specified location. You can also pull products for customer orders, transfer items, and take physical inventory more efficiently and accurately. You’ll save time and money.

What kind of Sales Analysis does TylerNet provide?2018-08-06T14:22:42+00:00

TylerNet provides a variety of Sales Analysis reports that can be viewed on a broad or narrow scale. View daily real-time store sales reports and inventory analysis that show availability, along with valuation for a range of items, branches, and date ranges. Also see individual transaction details by item. Likewise, comparative analysis of your sales staff’s performance is available, along with summary and detail information about the payment methods of your customers.

What is GMROI and why is it important?2018-08-06T14:25:17+00:00

Gross Margin Return On Investment (GMROI) is an essential measurement of your company’s ability to buy and sell your products in a timely and profitable manner. The GMROI calculation shows how many dollars you’ve made for each dollar you’ve invested in your inventory. It also enables you to compare categories and items within each category. We believe it’s essential to be able to separate the winners from the losers in your product mix. This information will not only help you to be more profitable, but also have better cash flow.

Why should I consider TylerNet?2018-08-06T14:23:58+00:00

TylerNet is a complete system that will help you manage every activity in your business; from buying and selling your products, to paying your bills, to reviewing your income statement. TylerNet provides you with the tools to gain maximum control of your business assets such as your inventory and accounts receivable investments. We believe TylerNet is the most cost-effective solution available in today’s retail software marketplace.

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