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As a specialty retailer, you focus on one or two specific product categories. These categories often have big-ticket items or unique, one-of-a-kind products that are hard to find. Because of this, you may see your customers less frequently than the average retailer that sells a large number of products across a variety of categories.

Fewer touchpoints with those customers make it challenging to remain front-of-mind, especially when consumers are bombarded every day by thousands of advertising images. So, to make an impact on your customers while they are away, your marketing should focus on timing and personalization. This strategy will bring back repeat business, and organically grow new business through word of mouth.

While Customers Are Away

Nothing beats face-to-face interactions with customers. These give lasting impressions that keep your brand front of mind. And, to maintain these good vibes, you should develop a communications schedule to remind them of the same great products and services they should expect to get from you. How you should communicate with them depends upon your audience and their preferences:

  • Text Messaging

Signing up customers to receive text messages has become one of the most reliable ways to keep your brand in front of them. It’s a great way to send promotions and digital coupons that are easier to redeem than paper. Texts are convenient and offer your customers the ability to take advantage of those deals. Following up after each purchase is also a great way to stay in touch and show you care. And with two-way texting, customers have a chance to share their side of the story. Texts have the flexibility to expand your marketing in a more personal way.

  • Email

Keeping in touch with customers through email can boost your brand awareness. Emails are longer than texts and can contain pictures and videos that increase engagement. Plus, email is a great way to build long-term campaigns that offer content your customers want.

  • Social Media

Posting on social media expands your reach while developing stronger relationships with your customers. Each platform has distinctive traits that appeal to their audiences. So, to maintain a professional appearance, you’ll need to use high-quality images and scripted videos that put your brand in the best possible light.

Content Matters: Make It Interesting

Creating new and insightful content is a necessary practice for any business. It may not be tied directly to sales, yet it does expand your marketing in ways traditional advertising fails to do. To stay on top of your marketing goals, you’ll need a solid content strategy that engages audiences and drives brand awareness.

  • Stories

Through stories, audiences have direct, relatable interactions with your brand. It’s a way of humanizing your business to be more authentic and applicable to their lives. By communicating your brand through storytelling, you’ll crystalize how it fits directly into your customers’ lives. Storytelling should be a priority for all of your marketing.

  • Educate and Inspire

You are the expert that your customers turn to when they need unique products and services. Helpful and insightful content will show them how to use and maintain those products, as well as make their life better. This builds credibility and trust, something they will turn to every time.

  • Listen and Respond

Relationships are a two-way street. Businesses that treat them as one-way only will lose market share quickly because they don’t listen and respond to their customers’ requests or input. When you implement changes to fit their needs, you respond through actions that speak louder than words.

The Latest in Marketing Technology

So many changes in marketing technology have made it easier for specialty retailers to keep front of mind with the customers. Most of it automates the process of sending communications and makes it easier than ever to personalize your messaging. All it takes is pairing the right content with the best platform, and you’ll increase brand engagement with your customers after they leave your store.

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