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These days, it’s hard enough to capture people’s attention, and even harder if the weather is against you. Retailers often struggle with how to increase store traffic, especially when they have a marketing plan in place and there is little to no money left for more advertising or other activities.

So, you’re probably wondering if there are any cost-effective ways to increase foot traffic? Yes, there are, and they won’t take up all of your spare time.

Attracting Their Attention

Getting people in the door is only one step in keeping them coming back. We have 6 simple tips that require very little investment but have a bigger payoff than you might think.

1. Find Out What Works and What Doesn’t.

Take a look at your marketing activities to find out what has been working and what doesn’t. One of the easiest ways to do this is simply asking the people who come into the store. You can ask them where they heard about you and their first impressions. TylerNet’s POS software makes this task quick and easy, so your employees can enter this information without slowing down the checkout process. And, don’t forget about what brings traffic to the website, too. It’s just as important.

2. Offer Refreshments.

This is as much about getting people in the door, as it is about taking care of the customers that are coming into the store. Coffee and hot chocolate on cold days can warm up your customers and make them more relaxed. You can also promote this on social media and your website.

3. Can They Find You?

A quick search on Google and Apple Maps will answer this for you. It only takes a couple minutes to make sure your location is correct on the map, as well as your phone number and website. Updates are easy to make, if you have a Google Business If not, we suggest that you set one up. It’s free and puts your business on their map.

4. Get the Word out.

Ever run a flash sale? How about an in-store event or promotion? These are new and attractive ways to capture more attention. Events will require some planning. Keeping it simple helps it run smoothly.

5. Search Results.

Search engine optimization (SEO) may require outside help, but it’s worth it. Having your company appear on page 1 of the search results means more customers will find you quickly. Gaining this type of market share requires a financial investment, but it may be less than you think.

6. Train Your Employees.

Repeat customers provide your business with the best word-of-mouth advertising and personal referrals. If you want to improve the customer’s experience, then you need to look at how your employees interact with them. Not everyone is a natural salesperson, so they may need some help.

7. Improving the Customer Experience.

Giving your customers the best experience possible is a great way to spread the word and get repeat business. When you focus on how you can make their time in your store unique, friendly, and convenient, they will want to tell their friends.

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