Success Story:
Wolf Furniture

“TylerNet was there every step of the way.”

Replacing a Legacy System with a Cost-Effective Solution


Wolf Furniture and TylerNet have formed a professional relationship that has spanned over 30 years. Other retail management software packages have tried to convince Wolf Furniture to change, but their connection with TylerNet runs deep. No other company can match the customizable programming and low-cost solution offered by TylerNet, who has supported a system that incorporates point of sale, inventory management, online sales, customer relationships and accounting functions.

Recently, Wolf Furniture added five stores to grow their presence in the Mid-Atlantic region. With the acquisition of Gardiner Furniture, located in the greater Baltimore area, the challenge for TylerNet was to replace Gardiner’s legacy system with the current system. Wolf’s IT department worked closely with TylerNet’s experienced programming and support team to ensure no loss of data and perform a seamless transition.


In 2015, Wolf Furniture acquired Gardiner Furniture in order to increase their market share and expand into neighboring states of Virginia and Maryland. One of the major challenges was how to streamline and replace Gardiner’s legacy systems without upsetting the natural flow of sales or operations.

One of the things they wanted to avoid was bringing on a new software package, separate from TylerNet’s. Additional software would increase errors in reporting and be less productive. Also, all of the current retail management software on the market lacks customizable features and modules. More stores meant more partitions, which becomes cost prohibitive.

Wolf Furniture needed to replace Gardiner’s legacy systems with TylerNet’s cost-effective retail management system that was already in place for their multiple locations throughout Pennsylvania. And, it had to be implemented within a short time frame.

The TylerNet Difference

Because of their long-term relationship, Wolf Furniture leveraged TylerNet’s knowledge and expertise to make a smooth transition. “No other software company can perform custom programming or create custom modules,” said Germain Crocker, Wolf Furniture’s Vice President of Finance. “The conversion for Gardiner’s systems was made possible through the collaboration between our IT department and the TylerNet team.” Both teams worked closely to ensure that Gardiner’s legacy systems replaced with the TylerNet retail management software.

To maintain productivity and profitability, TylerNet understood the sense of urgency required for this project. The team was available 24/7—weekends and holidays—to ensure that every project milestone and the final deadline was met. “TylerNet was there, every step of the way,” said Crocker. “They even came in on New Year’s Day to troubleshoot a problem with our end-of-year reporting.”

For Wolf and Gardiner Furniture, their long-term relationship with TylerNet gives them the tools and support to continue to expand their market share for many years to come. Because of this relationship, TylerNet continues to exceed Wolf Furniture’s expectations through the following services:

  • Lowest cost for pricing per workstation
  • Customer service and technical support
  • Continuous process improvement
  • Customized modules and reports

With over 35 years of experience, TylerNet’s software and customer service has been integral for the success of many large retail businesses that have complex sales and operational environments. They continue to be an innovator within the retail management software industry.

Wolf Furniture has been in business since 1902. Today, they operate 18 stores located throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia.

They offer quality home furnishings at competitive prices in their stores and online. In 2015, they added 5 stores with the purchase of Gardiner Furniture, located in the greater Baltimore area.

With quality products, excellent customer service and unmatched selection, it’s easy to see why they have been in business for so long and continue to grow.

“No other software company can perform custom programming or create custom modules.”

Germain Crocker
Vice President of Finance
Wolf Furniture

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